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My purpose is to guide you back to wholeness, into the deepest truth of who you really are.


I am here to help transmute your struggles  into love and give you the tools and inspiration to keep you moving forward, expanding into your gifts! 

Meiyan, xo


Become Clear

My methods are holistic

Three paths to explore:

Mindset + journaling practices for soul clarity and reconnection to your highest truth.
Deep 1:1 healing sessions plus group Zooms for direct support and upgrades.
Simple yoga + essential oils to nurture and strengthen your body.

Client Love:  "Meiyan is your Fairy Godmother. She truly works miracles, but not in the way I was expecting.  I wanted someone to fix me and give me all the answers.  While all those things have happened, it wasn't that she waved her magic wand and made it all go poof! Rather she made me realize my own magic and my innate ability to make all the shifts I was so desperate for".  ~ Kerri from Boston.

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A More Joyful & Balanced Life Awaits

Show up for yourself with daily practices to keep you centred, inspired and at peace. Learn how to manage your Feminine & Masculine energies to your advantage. 

Reclaim Your Power & Live From Soul

We start by going back through your childhood, healing the wounds, untangling the shame & limiting beliefs, building your self-love & faith and firmly aligning you with your vision.

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Client Love:  "What began as a goal of removing alcohol from my life quickly turned into a profound spiritual journey of self reflection and discovery.  In her own beautifully kind, no nonsense way, Meiyan supported me to excavate the hidden motives behind my actions and create a path to allow my most focused, authentic life to flourish.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Meiyan". - Kristie from Victoria.