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Hello Beautiful Soul, I am so happy you are here! My name is pronounced Me-anne, thanks to my hippie parents I got a Chinese name which I obviously loathed as a kid but now love.  I live in Victoria, BC with my amazing son and was born and raised in the Yukon...

After making the decision to remove alcohol completely from my life almost a decade ago I went on a journey of discovery, healing and growth which eventually reconnected me to my Soul and my true purpose.  From this place I developed a step by step guide to bring you to the same place I have now found and I want to take every woman who feels the pull from within themselves to evolve into their next level as well.  Its the most thrilling adventure of becoming the woman you were born to be!

 My Story goes like this...

I had reached a point somewhere around 40ish and all my past programming and choices had caught up with me, some call it a midlife crisis, and I was done, not satisfied at all with my self or my life.

I was using alcohol, and had been for 25 years (!) to take the edge off, soothe my insecurities, anxiousness and overwhelm. I was married with kids, a nice home and a big yard but still wondered: Is this it? Is this the dream? Is this my life? Why am I not happy?

Looked pretty good from the outside but on the inside, is just wasn't right. I knew if I didn't start making changes I would end up sick in some way because your body ALWAYS send you signals to change when deep down things aren't quite right.

The unraveling and subsequent re-birth that I set in motion may sound a bit dramatic but step by step, choice by choice, I have made my way into the next chapter of my life: completely alcohol-free, living with joy, satisfaction and way more (self) love.

My journey of saying yes to what makes me happy, and shedding what doesn't, which meant the booze was the first thing to go, is not an easy one, but I am now free.

What started with a yoga teacher training at 6 months alcohol-free has led me to a wondrous, joy-infused, purpose-filled life.

How about you...  If you’re feeling stuck and not sure how to climb out of the hole you've fallen into, tired of being tired, would you take the steps if I show you the path?

 Life is the most beautiful dream if you allow it to be.
Meiyan, xo

Nervous?  I won't bite.

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