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Welcome!  I'm on a mission to support women on their path to becoming their truest and most sacred version of who they were born to be ...  Join Us !

Discover Your
True Light
And Feel Free

If you are feeling dissatisfied and tired of the inner struggle,
maybe kind-of-just-a-little-bit-addicted-to-booze
 I know what you are going through and it isn't fun...
because I've been there.
Welcome to your opportunity for something different,
a chance to Transform your Spirit,
A guided program to bring you back to your natural state of wholeness.





You already know that your truth has been clouded for some time, stuck in the 'gray-area' of drinking,
(and that honestly breaks my heart)
Stifled emotions and feeling anxious is NOT how your life deserves to be.
Caught up in society's romantic illusion of drinking being glamorous and the perfect remedy for stress and socializing.
You are unhappy with yourself,  guilt and inner turmoil are running the show.
Whether you just started your new lifestyle of living Alcohol Free or you've got a few months under your belt you are in the right place.
... I have a sense you may also be wrestling with these feelings:
  • Stagnant: For a while now your life has been a little on auto-pilot.  You are going through all the required motions and feeling kinda stuck.  Work, kids, home, spouse, dinner... repeat.  You are simply not feeling a deep connection to your life.
  • Overwhelmed: You've been busy but mostly for everyone else.  Your energy is scattered.  Sometimes you're filled with anxiety and at the end of the day nothing is left for you and this is where alcohol comes in.
  • Dissatisfied: You've lost your joy somewhere along the way.  You've put yourself last, painfully distracted from your own source, feeling empty inside.  You feel spiritually depleted.
  • Fear:  Your self-esteem isn't what it used to be and you are afraid to grow.  The inner struggle you feel between your  heart and mind keeps you up at night.  You just can't muster the courage to step into more.
  • Bored: Yup, you feel flat sometimes.  Your emotions are low.  Your body is starting to send you signals that it is time to do things differently.   It is simply a matter of time before your health takes a turn for the worse.

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Kim B. ~ San Clemente, CA
"When I hit my 90 days of sobriety I felt I was just muscling through.  I had glimpses of peace, contentment, spirituality, but really had no idea how to integrate it into my being.  I reached out to Meiyan after pouring through her Instagram posts and asked her to 'make me spiritual' - like an addict would...  We connected via phone and I knew right away she had walked in my shoes and is now on the other side, glowing!  I just wanted to skip ahead to week 6, the spiritual stuff but she said we have to start at the beginning, the root of who you are.  Those first few weeks were so transformative.  My 'stuff' that I drank to escape from were tenderly revealed, shared, cried over, and eventual released.  The rest of the weeks were just magic.  Each week would awaken a new aspect of my being to be celebrated, integrated and opened up to new ways to see and relate to the world.  By week 8 I stand, mind is quiet, heart is open, less judgemental, released of pain and ready to live. 
Thank you Meiyan for stepping into my life.

Linda S. ~ Victoria, BC 

"Thank you for seeing through me and into me... I have always known 'it' could be better (the big 'it' being my life), but i just didn't know how to get there... and God knows I've spent time and money through the years on therapy, books, books and more books trying!!  With commitment AND Meiyan's energy, spirit and belief and true encouragement, I got there, and OMG I feel so FREE!  I was able to shift from fear to love.  I feel like I have been sprung from the jail that my story had exiled me to so many years ago.  I now understand what it means to be truly 'awakened'.  Thank you Meiyan.  Thank you for the tools and for helping guide me through.  I love you wonderful woman!"

I have developed a program for your Soul, your True Light, to shine again.  My job is to help you grow into the woman who doesn't need to drink. 


Read through the steps below to understand how together we will establish your foundation of true self-care, a foundation that fits with your life, while bringing alignment  to your heart and soul.  Clarity  will then unfold in your life and allow you to move forward with intention, evolving joy and happiness with being clean and clear.


Working with me will be fun. You will become healthier, happier and have a greater sense of contentment and love for yourself - hello inner peace This is your life and you deserve to live it to the highest version of YOU!


Growing into the next level of your life without alcohol takes Discipline and Practice, here’s exactly how we are going to get you there...

TRUE LIGHT Online Coaching Program

Your Steps to Inner Freedom:

1. Drop Anchor into the Truth.  You will establish a new foundation of self-care.  Together we will develop new rituals and routines that will shift you into feeling nourished and knowing that you are exactly enough. We will also look through your past to uncover any shame stories and perfectionism you may be holding onto.

2. Flow into your Authenticity.  You will release self-judgement and the comparison game you sometimes play and move into knowing your full worth.  What others think of you is none of your business, you are an abundance of Divine creativity and your Essential Self can shine!

3. Feel Safe in your own Stillness.  You will learn to relax and allow anxiety to dissolve so compassion can take the reins and ease becomes your new normal. We will uncover any people-pleasing behaviors and shift you into a new peaceful, centred union with your Self.
4. Become Balanced in your Life.  Together we will look at where you can better utilize your energy to transform feelings of overwhelm and overthinking, busy busy, into a beautifully managed life of work, rest and play so that you can thrive and fully reclaim your power!

5. Shift from Fear to Love.  Know that you can open your heart and feel Divinely protected.  You will learn to truly feel and appreciate the essential Source within you, feeling alignment with yourself and everyone else.  Together we will help you let go of your numbing tendencies even beyond alcohol that you may be using to block the flow of love in your life tapping into your future you and playing with your Feminine & Masculine energies.
6. Accept your Higher Power Call it God or Source or Universe... it is all the same and the sooner you truly welcome this relationship into your life and consistently cultivate your spirituality you can then co-create from a place of knowing you are held and guided therefore living in your purpose.
7. Express yourself with Integrity.  You will realize self-doubt is a waste and that waiting for anything is not serving you.  We will work on developing your courage to step into your dreams, baby steps, so you will feel good speaking the truth from your heart and expressing yourself fully.

8. Choose Faith and Trust yourself.  You can surrender control to your higher power, lean into your intuition and receive what is meant for you.  No more over-thinking, this is a feeling thing, you will learn to trust and move forward with clarity.  You will SHINE!

Maria N. ~ Oslo, Norway

 "Working with Meiyan was my best investment in 2019! It may seem easy doing what she does, but you`ll never get there on your own. She knows just the right questions to ask you when you´re feeling stuck or when you feel like a glass of wine. Even when your brain shuts down and your body tries to sabotage you, Meiyan finds other ways to help you. She doesn’t judge you, she truly cares for you and gives you the love you need to find that strength and courage within yourself to do what you need to do. May you find the courage to heal."

I'm a deep thinker and deep feeler, aka 'Empath' and I love all things Spiritual, my clients even tell me I'm psychic.
I am a Soul Alignment Guide, Yoga Teacher, TT Energy Practitioner, Essential Oil Educator and Highly Sensitive Intuitive Healer. 
My mission is to help women live their life to the highest version of themselves. 
If YOU KNOW  there is more to life than you are currently experiencing please schedule your Complimentary Clarity Call.  
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Crystal P. ~ San Diego, CA

Our old souls connected instantly and she will forever be a gift in my life.  From our introductory call, I felt a strong urge to dig in and do some soulful work with Meiyan and goodness gracious, did she ever take me on a journey.

I was 90 days sober when we started and I was still very much wobbly like a toddler.  Feeling stable one moment and completely off balance the next. The energy work that we did over 8+  weeks made me feel confident to stand on my own 2 feet and strong in my decision to eliminate alcohol from my life. Meiyan’s program reignited a spiritual journey in me that I was so longing for. And it was the perfect compliment to my newly sober lifestyle.

I did not think that I had anything in my past to “work through”... boy was I wrong!  Meiyan helped me unravel bits and pieces of my past that have shaped me over the years. Things that I have just accepted about myself that felt awkward and less than ideal, were given meaning and clarity. We pulled back the curtain and she helped me heal things that I didn’t know needed healing. We were collectively able to go back and rewire some things that I thought were hard coded for me.

As a result of working with Meiyan, I no longer feel small in this big world. I feel like I have a place, a voice and something to share. My heart expanded and although there is much work still to be done, I feel like I have the tools to walk through life with intention. Not just on autopilot. So much of my drinking was me trying to numb my insecurities. Do the work because although it's challenging, its SO incredibly worth it. Let Meiyan lead you. She is gentle and incredibly loving. She always served up a safe space for me. I promise mucking around in the dark for a minute will make the light on the other side SO much brighter. Dig in ... Do the work!